White Rabbit Candy Products and where to buy them

Growing up in an East Asian household might have made these White Rabbit candies a nostalgic treat and memory for you. Or you might have caught a glimpse of them in a Chinese movie or tv show. Nowadays, the iconic branding can be seen beyond the original candies themselves, spanning different household items and even other flavours of the candies themselves!


So what are White Rabbit Candies?

They’re a milk-based white candy with a soft, chewy texture, shaped into little rectangles contained in a printed waxed wrapper. For those that have eaten these before, you might also remember a distinctive thin edible wrapping on the candy itself (which is made from sticky rice!) that is designed to stop it sticking. The brand itself is an iconic cultural brand with the candies in production since 1943.

Buying White Rabbit Candies

When you’re not close to a Chinatown or oriental supermarket, you can get your White Rabbit fix from Amazon. We’ve come across other White Rabbit branded items as well which we’ve included below (and will continue to add to as we find them). Click the links below to buy.

(Disclaimer: Amazon links on this site are our affiliate links, so if you buy through these, you’ll help to support the site. Thank you if you do!)

White Rabbit Canvas Bag
(buy on Mango & Lek)

White Rabbit Canvas Bag
White Rabbit Bath/Door Mat
(buy on Mango & Lek)

White Rabbit bath or door mat

White Rabbit Pin Badge
(Buy on Giant Robot)

White Rabbit Pin Badge
(Let us know about other White Rabbit Candy products and we’ll add to this list)

Read more about the history of White Rabbit Candy on Wikipedia

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