Unusual Snacks in China for the Adventurous

China offers a wide array of unique and unusual snacks that adventurous tourists may enjoy trying. Here are some examples of unusual tourist snacks you might find in China:

Century Eggs (Pidan): Century eggs are preserved eggs that have been soaked in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice husks for several weeks or months. The process transforms the egg whites into a gelatinous, translucent texture with a unique and strong flavor.

Stinky Tofu (Chòu Dòufu): Stinky Tofu is fermented tofu that has a pungent odor. It is typically deep-fried and served with a variety of condiments such as soy sauce, chili, and pickled vegetables. Despite its strong smell, it is a popular street food in China.

Scorpion Skewers: In some markets and street food stalls, you may find scorpion skewers. The scorpions are usually deep-fried or grilled and served on a stick as a crunchy snack. It is more common in tourist areas like Wangfujing Snack Street in Beijing.

Silk Worm Pupae (Canchong): Silk worm pupae are boiled or fried and eaten as a snack in some regions of China. They have a crunchy texture and are often seasoned with spices or salt.

Fried Insects: Insects like crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms are deep-fried and seasoned with spices, creating a crispy and protein-rich snack. They are sometimes sold as street food or novelty snacks in certain areas.

Pig’s Blood Cake (Zhu Xi Gao): Pig’s blood cake is a popular street food in Taiwan and some parts of China. It is made by steaming or boiling pig’s blood, rice, and other ingredients, resulting in a cake-like texture. It is typically served on a stick and eaten with sauces.

These snacks may be considered unusual or exotic for some visitors, but they are part of the local culinary culture and can provide an adventurous eating experience for those who are open to trying new flavors and textures. It’s always a good idea to ensure that the food is prepared hygienically and sourced from reputable vendors.

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